Shapeeze preschooler
skill-building activity kits

Helping children build fine motor and foundation skills through play

Travel-friendly, press-out, paste and colour-in
activity kits featuring:

24+ pages of engaging activities
Triangle-barrelled pencils
to help with correct pencil-grip
Sharpener and glue stick
for convenience,
All housed in resealable trays

2 portable sizes:
A3 – great for independent play
A4 – perfect for travel
Scissor-free fine motor fun!

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Shapeeze preschooler
skill-building activity kits help kids build
fine motor skills through play.

fine motor fun.

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Shapeeze fine motor fun pre-schooler activity kits help children build foundation skills through play.
With pre-cut shapes;  traceable letters and numbers;  and child-friendly designs, Shapeeze helps pre-schoolers develop independent problem-solving and fine motor skills; introduces basic literacy and numeracy concepts and assists with increasing attention span – ready for the school years.
Oh and kids love them!

Shapeeze builds foundation skills

Foundation Skills

Shapeeze builds foundation skills

Independent Learning

Shapeeze builds foundation skills

All in One kit

Shapeeze builds foundation skills

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Shapeeze foundation skills

Foundation Skills

Letters, numbers, shapes and colours: trace them, copy them, put them together! Shapeeze builds skills for
maths and reading.

Shapeeze shapes and colours

Independent Learning

Pre-cut press-out shapes make it easy
for little ones to work on their own and build
self confidence.

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Each kit is complete with all the elements needed to create and learn on the go and with no sharp implements it’s perfect for travel!

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No Shipping Fees

Our robust and generous kits come in 2 convenient sizes for 2 age groups, and are shipped for free when you spend $40 or more

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Boost fine motor skills

With press-out and paste shapes and glue stick use, the Shapeeze kit is perfectly designed for strengthening little fingers and honing fine motor function often hindered through electronic device-use.
Developed in tandem with early childhood educator and used by occupational therapists around Australia, Shapeeze is endorsed by industry experts as a great fine motor skill activity resource and self-guided occupational therapy for children.

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Travel fun

Shapeeze is the perfect activity to take on holiday to keep children entertained on long car journeys and plane rides. With an integral handle, glue, easy-grip colouring pencils and pre-cut press-out shapes, it’s hours of entertainment – all the while laying essential groundwork in basic maths and alphabet familiarisation.

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Shapeeze Travel fun craft activity kit

shapeeze builds fine motor skills fish image

Screen-free fun

Shapeeze takes children away from screens and engages them with bright colours and the opportunity to be creative. Most importantly, the tasks are fun and can be completed by the children independently, without adult supervision, boosting self confidence and giving them a real sense of achievement.

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Our customers say…

…loved using the Shapeeze pack

My kids have loved using the Shapeeze pack, they love the really cool shapes and colours and have used it to follow the set activities and then also think creatively, out of the box and made up all sorts of other incredible designs. From a mum’s perspective, it’s been really great when we’re travelling and also makes a really cool birthday present
Anneke, social worker, children’s counsellor
and mother of 2

shapeeze builds fine motor skills

Boosts and benefits:

Boost independence
boost confidence
boost creativity
build foundation skills
build patience
build concentration

Sharing the love

The Shapeeze mission is to help every child have the best possible opportunity to achieve their creative potential and maintain a joy in learning. Approximately 10% of Shapeeze fine motor fun packs produced are donated to Australian and Vietnamese child welfare organisations. Your purchase ensures we can continue to help bridge the learning gap.

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Sharing the love

The Shapeeze mission is to help every child have the best possible opportunity to achieve their creative potential and maintain their joy in learning. For every 10 Shapeeze packs sold, one will be donated to Australian child welfare organisations to help bridge the learning gap.

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