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Being involved…but not taking over

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There’s a very funny French & Saunders sketch called “Mothers and Kids” where two mothers plan a fun, hands-on day of arts and crafts for their children and then end up over managing the process to the point where they hold the paint brushes for them, dictate which colours they use and end up berating them for their ‘messy’ work… …

developing problem solving skills

Developing problem solving skills in children

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I recently read an article about helping kids develop their problem solving skills . It talked about problem solving as a skill that not only helps children to think more critically, it also improves their independence and, importantly, their resilience even as they move into adulthood. Tara Haelle, co-author of The Informed Parent looks ahead at young adults who are the …

Activities for kids and grandparents to do together

Activities for kids and grandparents to do together

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Research and anecdotal evidence shows us that more and more grandparents are stepping up to assist with child rearing than ever before. Rising living costs often necessitate a two-income household and the cost of childcare (despite its valuable contribution to a child’s learning and development) can sometimes negate the majority of that second income. This is where grandparents are often …

school readiness and fine motor skills

School Readiness Checklist – 4 tips for creating a great start

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After a lazy, hot summer it’s now not long until the kids return to school. Preparing children for school readiness – whether they are returning to school or starting for the first time – helps get them off to a good start. But it’s important to remember school readiness is not about age. As Simone Crighton, Shapeeze Creator, recalls: My …

screen time for preschoolers

It’s not about no screen time for preschoolers

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There is growing concern that an excessive amount of screen time for preschoolers is contributing to a lack of school readiness for many preschool aged children. While a limited amount of screen time can be educational, the impact of excessive screen time can affect behaviour, disrupt sleep patterns, reduce attention span and undermine the development of fine motor skills. One …