Be Prepared for Rainy Days with Engaging Educational Activities for Children

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During the rainy months ahead, it can be challenging to come up with exciting educational activities to keep children from getting bored while they’re stuck inside. Thankfully, there are tons of ideas online that will keep children active and ready to take on their school lessons. From fun with math to lessons with art, here are a few ways to pass the time inside.

Discover How Fun, and Useful, Math Can Actually Be

Children are used to learning about math in the classroom, which can leave them a bit bored. Why not use the rainy weather as an excuse to teach them some real-world math applications for everyday use? Break out some building materials and get them interested in architecture. Students will be amazed at how useful math really is, and they’re sure to have a blast putting together buildings and projects. Or, set up a grocery store activity and have kids use math to figure out prices, budgets, and discounts. There are tons of ways for kids to have fun using math when the weather is cold and rainy outdoors.

Take Part in Some Fun, Simple Science Experiments

A great way to pass the time during the rainy season is to complete some simple science experiments. You likely have all you need already, but if not, a trip to the grocery store should be all you need to gather your supplies. Children will be amazed to create their own glass of lava. Similar projects require minimal supplies and effort for kids to have educational fun, and these activities can go a long way toward helping children build fine motor skills.

Don’t Let Rain Ruin Recess

When kids can’t have recess outside, they still need ways to stay active and burn off energy. Luckily, there are some wonderful ways to keep kids moving while they are stuck inside. You can plan some indoor activities that let them run around the room. In a tight space or looking for something a bit more calm? Then look online for easy exercise routines and yoga tutorials for kids. Many of these videos are made to keep children interested and even feature some of their favorite stories and characters. Finding ways to keep kids active can relieve boredom and tension for them while preventing behavior problems that could stress you out.

Find Ways to Use Music to Pass the Time

When the weather is terrible outside, try using music to keep kids engaged. Use music to help children explore Australia’s history, or put together a course in modern music history, traveling from the jazz era to rock ‘n’ roll. You can spend days or weeks exploring different decades, genres, and artists, and you should be able to find versions of songs appropriate for all ages. Or, try lesson plans and activities that help connect music with math.

Create a Lesson Plan Around the Arts

Including the arts in your lesson plans is a great way to help kids explore their creativity and learn about the world around them. Art history, from sculpture to theater, is a way to connect children to other cultures, time periods, and people who may be different from them. You can find some great art history activities here to get your rainy-day art plans started. For some hands-on fun, try having children brush up on their own painting or drawing skills. You can
assign a subject matter and have children use tutorials to create stress-relieving art. Preparing yourself with engaging educational activities will help you stave off boredom in your home or classroom when the weather has kids stuck indoors. With basic supplies, some planning, and online resources, children are sure to have fun until the weather clears.

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