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Shapeeze fine motor fun for special needs
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Shapeeze packs feature numerous pages of fun and appealing designs which complement the early years’ curriculum and make ideal supplementary pre-school/pre-k to prep/kindy learning activities. We are delighted to offer home-based and special needs educators the opportunity to become bulk purchasers or distributors of our fun fine motor skills development activity packs.

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Shapeeze is designed for two age-groups: 3-6yrs and 4-7yrs – in both an A4 and A3 versions. Developed in consultation with qualified early childhood educators and occupational therapists, Shapeeze fine motor fun skill-building activity kits can be a useful resource to those engaged in special needs and home-based education.

Our designs are fun, ideal for keeping children with limited attention spans motivated and on task. However, they are also visually simple, ideal for ASD children who can find overly busy or complex designs overwhelming and distracting.

Each picture is completed by pressing out the coloured pop-out shapes allowing students to increase finger strength and hone fine motor skills. These shapes are then glued to the pages with the glue stick supplied which offers children the opportunity to develop their hand-eye co-ordination and – as you know – build fine muscle-strength as a forerunner to writing.

The addition of traceable numbers and letters not only offer basic literacy and numeracy recognition but also further opportunities to develop fine motor skills. Educators will also appreciate the triangular shaped colouring pencils, designed to assist with developing correct pencil grip.


Shapeeze offers children the opportunity to:
• complete visually simple pictures
• increase finger strength
• develop hand-eye co-ordination
• build attention-span
• think creatively
• problem-solve
• extend fine motor skills.

Shapeeze kits have been created to be completed with minimal supervision or adult instruction so that children can :
• learn to work independently
• learn to find their own solutions
• build self-confidence

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