Be Prepared for Rainy Days with Engaging Educational Activities for Children

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During the rainy months ahead, it can be challenging to come up with exciting educational activities to keep children from getting bored while they’re stuck inside. Thankfully, there are tons of ideas online that will keep children active and ready to take on their school lessons. From fun with math to lessons with art, here are a few ways to …

problem solving skills for children

Problem-solving Skills for Children & Brain Games for the Whole Family

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Nowadays, many people have trouble staying focused, and this isn’t only limited to children. Even grown-ups can find themselves dozing off in the middle of an important business presentation or reading the same page of a book for the 5th time because their mind keeps wandering. Luckily, there are many brain games that can help you. Some of them are …

At the Ballarat Autism Expo 2018

You have met a need – and it’s pretty special! Activities for Special Needs Children

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A couple of weeks ago I attended the Ballarat Autism Expo as an exhibitor. This had been suggested to me by an Occupational Therapist (OT) I met at my regular Bowral Public School Market. She had identified some of the basic features of my fine motor skills activities for children, as a genuine benefit to supporting therapeutic activities for special …

Literacy and Numeracy

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Nowadays, there are many skills children need to have in order to be able to advance in school – and in life. Besides social skills, learning skills, and organization skills, they also need literacy and numeracy skills. If you’re not very familiar with these terms, here’s what you should know about literacy and numeracy. What is literacy Literacy used to …


4 Things You Can Do to Stay in Shape as a Single Parent

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When you’re a single parent, it’s difficult to find time to do anything for yourself. It’s even more difficult when the thing you want to do is stay in shape, but you don’t have the time, energy, or money to do so. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive ways that you can exercise. Best of all, there are things you can …

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A confident start to their school years

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After such a hot summer we now turn our thoughts to regular routines and school preparedness, or school progress for our children. Whether they are returning to school or starting for the first time this month – we all want our children to be confident and capable; to fit in and find good friends…to have a confident start to school. …

challenges single fathers face

Challenges Single Fathers Face and Ways to Overcome Them – a thoughtful Guest Blog on self-care from a fathers’ perspective…

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It’s well-known that women are more proactive than men in many areas resulting in greater awareness of their issues. However, let’s not forget that fathers are as integral and crucial factors in the raising of children. We all know how hard parenting is, and for single parents it’s even harder as there is no-one to pick up or take over …

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Being involved…but not taking over

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There’s a very funny French & Saunders sketch called “Mothers and Kids” where two mothers plan a fun, hands-on day of arts and crafts for their children and then end up over managing the process to the point where they hold the paint brushes for them, dictate which colours they use and end up berating them for their ‘messy’ work… …